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Attorney Uche Wins Rare Not Guilty Verdict by Reason of Insanity in Murder Case

Jun 9, 2023
Nenye Uche

In an exceptional legal achievement, Attorney Uche has secured a rare not guilty verdict by reason of insanity in a murder case, overcoming the high hurdles associated with such defenses.

Attorney Uche recently secured a not guilty verdict by reason of insanity on a murder case. Such verdicts are very hard to secure because the defense of Insanity is only used in about one percent of criminal cases and successful in just a fraction of those.

The reason for this difficulty is simple. Generally, to demonstrate insanity, it is not enough to show a defendant suffered mental illness, rather, it must be shown too, that the mental illness caused the defendant to lack substantial capacity to appreciate the criminality of his or her conduct during the commission of the crime.

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