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As Chicago wrongful conviction lawyers, we understand that very few cases are as emotional as a wrongful conviction. Spending days, months – and even years – behind bars for an offense you did not commit is nothing short of a nightmare that no one should suffer. Our Chicago Wrongful Conviction Lawyer fights tirelessly for the wrongfully convicted, striving to right legal injustices. Compassionate advocacy you can trust.

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What is wrongful conviction?

Wrongful conviction is what happens when a person is convicted by a judge, jury or other court of law for a crime when they are in fact innocent.

Although this sounds like something that should never happen in a society with a functional legal system, it is something that sadly happens all the time in the United States. And it happens far more often than it should. According to the Innocence Project, up to 5% of people who are convicted of crimes may be innocent.

Getting incarcerated while being innocent is often a devastating tragedy. A victim of wrongful conviction loses so much, they may never be able to completely recover. For many, such incarceration becomes a ruinous life event. Some lose cordial relationships with their family. It becomes difficult to get a job. Getting back the life that once existed becomes very difficult.

Remedying all the damage done by a wrongful conviction can be impossible. But there are a number of legal remedies that can at least cater for some loss. At Uchelitigation, we can help you fight this injustice and recover financial compensation for you.

If you have been falsely charged and convicted for a criminal offense, contact one of the very best Chicago wrongful conviction attorneys at Uchelitigation as soon as you can.

Common causes of wrongful conviction

Have a
Wrongful Convictions

Steps To Take

At Uchelitigation, we understand that seeking legal assistance can be a complex and intimidating process. That's why our team is dedicated to providing our clients with a supportive and personalized approach to legal representation.


Petition for a certificate of innocence

This will declare the petitioner innocent of all the wrongful incarceration charges.


File a claim for compensation at the Court of Claims Chicago

The Court of Claims in Chicago provides a forum for individuals to seek compensation for damages caused by the state government. If you have suffered a loss or injury due to the negligence of a state agency or employee, you may be able to file a claim for compensation at the Court of Claims.


Make a wrongful conviction claim

A person must have been incarcerated and then be proven innocent of the crime that they were charged for. The other conditions include proving that: Whole or part of the term of imprisonment has been served; The indictment or conviction violated the constitution of the United States or the laws of the State of Illinois; The victim was pardoned upon the grounds of innocence; or The judgment was vacated or reversed, or that the charges were dismissed; The claimant was not found guilty at a new trial; The victim did not voluntarily cause or bring about the wrongful conviction.


Who do you get compensation from?

What kind of compensation can you recover?

There are several types of compensation you may recover after proving your claim. You can recover compensation for the following:

Economic damages incurred as a result of the wrongful conviction
Emotional distress or pain and suffering
Physical injuries suffered during your incarceration
Psychological injuries that may have been suffered during the incarceration
Loss of companionship and consortium
Loss of time and liberty
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If you or a loved one got convicted wrongfully, look no further. Get in touch with our Chicago Wrongful Conviction Lawyer here for a free consultation. You can also call us at (844) 529-2444 as soon as possible.

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